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7mm Copper Core High Quality HT Lead

Rubber outter casing

Price is per meter, quantity can be changed in the shopping cart.  Any questions please do contact me before purchasing.

HT Ignition Lead

  • All types come with bracket which can be removed. All types can be used with spade fixing or loop end fixing.  Dimensions, diameter 54mm, height 145mm (not including acorn).  
    All coils are tested not just batch tested.  

    Condenser or Coil at fault?
    One simple test may prove which is at fault.
    When the fault occurs, take off the distributor cap and with the ignition on just flick the points. If the spark is small and bluish the condenser is OK so the fault may be with the coil.  If the spark is yellow/orange and very flashy the condenser is at fault. Condenser failure is often indicated by burning of the points and/or poor starting. When they fail altogether the engine will not run at all! It is a good idea to mount the condenser at the coil rather than inside the distributor. They do not like getting hot - they can work well when cold but go off when warm.  

    This is a good quality item that I use on my own car, I have had no issue with this item over many years.

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